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Balance is a very complex function of our body that requires input from several systems to allow us to be stable and upright when standing and walking. Balance is determined by various inputs from our eyes, our inner ear, our joints, and is impacted by strength and flexibility. Due to this complex interaction of various systems, it is no wonder why so many people develop balance issues. As we age these systems all begin to become affected with weakening muscles, loss of joint flexibility, and hearing/vision loss which contribute to loss of balance and increased risk of falls. The APTA reports that 75% of older Americans will develop some form of balance disorder by the time they are 70. At ProMotion Physical Therapy we are experts at prescribing medical exercise techniques to improve these systems including strengthening, stretching, proprioception exercises, visual tracking, and inner ear retraining. This will allow you to reduce your fall risk, reduce your fear of falling, improve your mobility, improve your flexibility and posture, and ultimately improve your movement and activity level. Here at ProMotion Physical Therapy, we offer a comprehensive balance program to identify the causes and then address your specific needs to help you correct and improve these issues and Get Your Life Back in Motion.

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