About Us

The body is a very complex but efficient system and to remain healthy it needs MOVEMENT! Here at ProMotion Physical Therapy, we believe the old adage that if you don’t use it you lose it. There are lots of gadgets and trends in rehabilitation, but when you get down to it NOTHING has the success that exercise does. Here at ProMotion Physical Therapy, every patient receives an initial 1-hour evaluation where we take the time to listen and understand your issue/injury. Then we perform a full body assessment to determine your impairments (what is weak, what is tight, where are the imbalances in your body?) to not only help fix the current issue but to be able to prevent future recurrence.

All patients are seen one on one by a Physical therapist at each visit. We incorporate a hands-on approach where we will utilize multiple manual therapy techniques to correct your movement dysfunction, and then we go a step further to TEACH the patient-specific medical exercises to help them maintain the corrections and regain normal motions of the body. ProMotion physical therapy prides itself on providing our patients with the most experienced therapists in the area, who are not only experts at fixing our patients, but we go a step further and make sure that our patients know how to fix themselves!

Life happens and we all get aches and pains and have injuries, but by helping you keep a good balance of strength, flexibility, and coordination we can help you get your “life back in motion”

Please let us be YOUR physical therapists!