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Pain is a complex issue that many people deal with on a daily basis. Pain can be a result of sudden tissue damage like an injury or accident which is acute pain or it can be caused by hypersensitivity of the nervous system caused by a disease process or by the pain centers in the brain remaining hyperactive for many unknown reasons. Either way, when you are in pain it makes it impairs your ability to move and perform even the most basic of daily activities. There are several ways in which the therapist at ProMotion Physical Therapy can help get rid of the pain.

COMPREHENSIVE EVALUATION: The Physical Therapists at ProMotion Physical Therapy will give you an individual 1-hour evaluation where we will listen to your symptoms and issues and then complete a comprehensive evaluation in an attempt to find out where the source of your pain is. We will examine your strength, flexibility, range of motion, posture, and movement ability. After this comprehensive exam, the PT will develop a personalized treatment program to attempt to correct the issues discovered in the exam. There are several components to our successful treatment program.

EDUCATION: It is important that you understand exactly what is going on with your body and what the plan is to address these issues. One of the main goals of our Physical therapy plan of care is to educate you so that you will continue to take care of your body long after you leave our care.

PROGRESSIVE MEDICAL EXERCISE: Are specific exercises to address deficits in strength and flexibility to allow you to move with less discomfort. These exercises will be graded so that you are gradually progressed depending on your ability. Carefully introducing a graded exercise program will help train your brain to sense the problem area in your body without increasing its danger messages. Our therapists are trained in the latest, most effective, and research-based treatment techniques including The Mckenzie Method for neck and back pain and Total Motion Release for all other movement dysfunction.

MANUAL THERAPY: Our therapists have been trained in Maitland and Mulligan manual therapy techniques which are part of a hands-on approach to Physical Therapy in which we will incorporate specific, gentle techniques to mobilize and/or manipulate tight joint structures and soft tissues to increase movement and reduce pain.

POSTURAL CORRECTION: We will examine the way you tend to hold or position your body with normal tasks and instruct you how to become more efficient in the way you perform daily or recreational activities so that you aren’t creating undue stress on your joints which may lead to pain and injury. Research has shown that the sooner you address pain and dysfunction in the body the better outcomes you will have and will prevent chronic pain issues — So let ProMotion Physical Therapy — Get Your Life Back in Motion!!

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